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Strong and Great

For the glory of Old State,
For her founders strong and great,
For the future that we wait,
Raise the song, raise the song.

Alma Mater

Penn State wrestling offers an experience second to none for young aspiring wrestlers. The program has the proven ability to develop young people and wrestlers, helping them learn to compete at the highest level in the biggest moments. Lessons learned in the process will be valuable to these young people for the rest of their lives.


Unfortunately, this opportunity is only available to a few of the top wrestling recruits in the nation due to the high cost of attending Penn State, the availability of only 9.9 athletic scholarships to accommodate a roster of over 37 athletes, and little to no academic scholarships. “Strong and Great” wants to help top-ranked recruits and student-athletes looking to transfer to Penn State to be a part of the wrestling program.


Recruits shouldn’t have to settle for another school and program at such a critical time in their career and development as human beings because there aren’t enough scholarships to go around. Sports like football, men’s basketball, and most women’s sports have the scholarships to cover not only their starters but many other student-athletes on the roster as well. In most other popular sports, the top recruits in the nation can go to whatever school they choose and athletic scholarships are available. “Strong and Great” is here to make this possible in the sport of wrestling at Penn State as well.

PSU Wrestling: Strong and Great is here to help cover the financial costs of incoming recruits with guaranteed spots on the Penn State Wrestling roster through NIL opportunities.

Image by Raj Gandhi
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